Skinergix FaceXR


Microcurrent device for face exercise


Microcurrent device for face exercise.

Microcurrent Technology
Skinergix FaceXR
Microcurrent Facial Device


Skinergix FaceXR provides a series of customized microcurrent facial exercise modes. By combining precise microcurrent and vertical skin-penetrating sonic pulsation technology, facial muscles can be activated in just a few minutes. Microcurrent mimics our body’s own natural bioelectrical field and sends tiny electrical currents into our muscles. Skinergix FaceXR can directly conduct microcurrent to the skin to provide cellular energy, stimulate cells, and help increase collagen production. Use regularly to have a more radiant complexion, rejuvenate your skin, improve skin elasticity and firm facial contours.

Use for 10 minutes daily, drink plenty of water.


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